This page last modified June 11, 2018
Download Study Love has pages and pages of information, but it has no graphics or other big files. So the entire site can fit into a ZIP file less than 1 MB in size. Now you can study love without an Internet connection on any of your devices that can display a simple webpage. Basically, you download the zip file, use an unzip program to unzip it to a folder you can remember where, then make yourself a desktop or home-screen shortcut to the Main Index (18agape.html). Here's a detailed example that may give you enough of an idea to get it done, if you don't already understand:
  1. Click or tap the "Download" link below, putting the file into any directory where you can find it (if you're given that choice).
  2. If you weren't given a choice where, so the file is in a Download folder, then move the file to any other directory -- maybe a new one called StudyLove, if you like.
  3. Extract all the files to any directory at all. The default that your unzipping program suggests is fine.
  4. Go to where the extracted files are. Locate 18agape.html and have a shortcut to it made and placed on your desktop or home screen. (If Windows, the command to use is probably right-click and select Send To and then Desktop.) This will make it very convenient for you to just select an icon to arrive at the Study Love main index.
  5. Alternatively, maybe you use an HTML viewer, and 18agape.html would be the file to bookmark or set as the viewer's home.
  6. Perhaps you'd like to rename the shortcut or bookmark "Study Love".
  7. That's it! Whenever you want to study or meditate on agape-love, just open the shortcut or bookmark and then surf around exactly as you would if you were online.


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