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A Study Love Version
This page is intended as a one-page amplified version of verse 4-7 that helps summarize and remind us all of the information we see on this website. Maybe it'll change a bit at a time as Study Love grows. In addition to the format you see below, there's a PDF you can print.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Christian love hangs in there with people; it doesn't give up on them or lose its cool. It's kind, mellow, helpful, courteous, and gracious; it makes itself useful and doesn't have to be asked.

Christian love doesn't envy anyone's anything. It doesn't blaze with jealousy or get fired up with evil passions. Rather, it keeps itself stoked for good deeds; it covets virtue.

This love doesn't parade itself egotistically; it doesn't brag. It doesn't inflate its own head with arrogance and pride.

It shows good form. It's polite. It doesn't trample social norms without cause. It does nothing shameful, base, or vile.

It doesn't pursue its own interests above those of others. It doesn't insist on its own way. It doesn't make a big deal of defending its own rights; it would rather stand up for the rights of others.

It's not irritable. It doesn't leap into heated disputes. Instead, it is easily provoked into doing good.

It doesn't think bad things about anyone who hasn't clearly shown they deserve it. It keeps no score of the wrongs it suffers from others, so it gathers no resentment.

It takes no pleasure in unrighteousness or injustice. Rather, it celebrates when it sees virtue and the truth prevail.

It never uncovers the faults of others unless it must. It's protective, supportive, and tolerant.

It trusts and believes all the time. It prefers confidence. It does not look around at its world through eyes of suspicion.

It's a perpetual optimist, full of hope always. It never succumbs to despair.

And when the going gets tough, this love keeps going with a smile.

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