This page last modified March 9, 2014

Note:  The full Greek text of 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, below, is an early experiment in MS Symbol font. On some browsers it will just look like weirdly jumbled English (Roman) letters. In either case, this PDF provides a correctly rendered text you can print, complete with all the accents.
ProV KorinqiouV 13:4-7
h agaph makroqumei
h agaph ou zhloi
h agaph ou perpereuetai
ou fusioutai
ouk aschmonei
ou zhtei ta eauthV
ou paroxunetai
ou logizetai to kakon
ou cairei epi th adikia
sugcairei de th alhqeia
panta stegei
panta pisteuei
panta elpizei
panta upomenei

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